Air & Oil Filters for Maxima Racing

TSI is proud to be the manufacturer of Maxima’s line of air & oil filters, and other after-market products for the off-road motorcycle market.

Factory riders always run fresh, brand-new air filters when they race. Why? Because when winning is everything, you can’t afford to compromise performance by using a recycled filter. A fresh, new Maxima ‘ProFilter’ gives you unobstructed airflow and perfectly oiled, race-ready performance. You’ll notice it right off with quicker starts and more pull throughout the entire power band.

Ultra Performance – Ultra Performance airflow and protection. No compromises! Durable 2-stage foam fused with industrial high strength glue. Maxima ‘ProFilter’ are dyno tested, race proven, and the choice of top professional riders.

Pretreated With Maxima FFT® – Every Maxima ‘ProFilter’ is perfectly and evenly treated at the factory with state-of-the-art, super-tacky Maxima FFT foam filter treatment, a synthetic polymer formulation that flows 4-12% more air and retains up to 8% more contaminates than all other brands. FFT resists both water and gasoline “fogging” wash out, and will not migrate off the filter, or dry out.

No Hassle – No more squeezing, no more drying, no more sticky oily mess, no more solvents or chemicals, or even cleaning at the sink! Just put it in and ride. Need we say more? Add up the cost of cleaners, oil treatments and most importantly your time. Why would you run anything else but a Maxima ‘ProFilter’?