TopFill Hydration Bladder

TSI's TopFill Hydration Bladders, available in 2.0L or 3.0L capacities, are equipped with our unique TopFill bladder closure. The highly reliable TopFill bladder closure is the easiest in the market to open, fill and close, as well as to clean and dry. Optional Drying Clip holds the bladder open, and drains water out of the drink tube.

TSI’s reservoir products are all produced with a custom, American-Made, medical industry derived mPE/EVA film. The film is shipped to our controlled environment cleanroom facility in Dongguan, China for die cutting, printing and welding into a complete water bladder.

TSI’s bladder film is naturally anti-microbial and fights a variety of gram+ and gram- microbes as well as mold and fungus – Our unique formula means zero plastic taste or smell. Super tough construction results in maximum abrasion resistance.

All of our water bladder products are fully compliant with California Proposition-65, and are REACH compliant. Test reports from an independent test laboratory are available.

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